Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prom 2009

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to update the blog about prom...the kids had a great time..I think it was the best prom ever. All the kids seem to really enjoy themselves and record numbers of them stayed the whole time. Tammy Kammerman and Angie Stevens put the whole thing together and had an auction for the kids to participate in...Anna Katherine WON a laptop computer and Sarah Grace won a gift certificate for laser hair removal..they were both thrilled.

Franklin took Katie Swain and they went went 4 other couples to Little Rock and ate at the restaurant 1620. They were so cute together and seemed to have a really good time. Sarah Grace went with Josh Rowden and their group went to Heber Springs and ate before at the Red Apple Inn...all the girls were just beautiful. Anna Katherine came and had a blast...her DAD was her date and she even received a wrist corsage..lol. She and Carla played the games all night, so she really racked up the points. All the kids stayed until midnight...Jim and I stayed until about 1:15am trying to help with the clean up. Mardi Gras was the theme this year. Everyone was so tired on Sunday, but we also made some terrific memories. Here are some pictures from the night...

Sarah Grace and Mrs. Tammy...during Friday night prom preparation...
Rachel Hill, Haley Stevens, and Morgan Kammerman on Friday night

Sarah Grace, Elizabeth White, and Laura Beth Mullins

Sarah Grace, Laura Beth, Elizabeth, and Endsley

Ms. Neilsen...the prom sponsor...acting crazy!

Sarah Grace and Emily...SG does not want anyone but Emily to fix her hair!

Anna Katherine at our house watching all the girls get hair and makeup done

Marcie, Courtney, and Anna Katherine

Sarah Grace and Jen...she did everyone's makeup
Caleigh was looking up her hair style on the computer

Lisa and Laura Beth

Jen in action......

Boys just don't have near the "getting ready" stress

I will post some more pictures tomorrow.....

Choose joy...

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Graduation prep continues.....

Well, things were still going strong around our house today as far as graduation preparation goes. Miggy came to town today and we both worked out in the back flower beds all afternoon. I planted a flat of impatients and periwinkles....whew, I may not be able to move tomorrow. Jim is still trying to get all of the flower beds mulched and looking "weed free." Miggy and I also washed down all of the outdoor furniture on the front porch. It is amazing how good they look with a little less dirt on them. Hopefully, we can get everything looking all shiny and new by graduation and the cookout.

Sarah Grace, as I write this, is down in the floor helping me get a presentation board done for the senior assembly at church. I put the title and words on it and she is arranging the pictures just how she thinks they should go. She is such a GREAT helper and so creative. It is really looking good. AK is sound asleep and so tired from her long day at school. She and Carla went out to eat tonight with a couple of her teachers....she LOVES that so much. Franklin has gone to a "SENIOR" party and should be home shortly.

I'm going to post some pictures below of the work going on outside...

Furniture from the front porch...looking all shined up

One of the flower beds in the back...Jim is still mulching this one

The deck and my chairs that Marca and I spray painted

Choose joy today....

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prom and Graduation preparations...

Hello Everyone....
We are busy at our house getting everyone ready for the PROM this Saturday. Jim and Franklin went this afternoon to pick up Franklin's tux and try it on...just want to make sure everything is perfect for Saturday. Sarah Grace has convinced Emily to do her hair...Emily is so sweet to make time for her...so Sarah Grace is going to drive down on Saturday morning to get her hair done and then back to Searcy for Jen to do her makeup. Sarah Grace's group is going to start pictures at 4:15pm and Franklin's group at 4:45pm...works out perfect so that I am able to make it to both locations with my camera. Whew...we are all going to be exhausted on Sunday and we have a BIG day with senior festivities at church.

Jim has been working like a mad man in the backyard all week. Today after work he came home and began spreading a trailer full of mulch that he got. We are really trying hard to get this house and yard looking good for the graduation BBQ. Franklin has been helping Jim a bunch...he has just pitched right in and they have made the most of their time together...having as much fun as possible. I will post pictures tomorrow of my flowers I planted and the flower beds in the back. I worked all day today and then went straight to community group..so when I got home it was DARK and I could not get any pictures.

Choose joy today....

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Special Olympics....2 BLUE RIBBONS...

It finally arrived...competing day for Special Olympics..and none to soon for Anna Katherine. She was so excited and had so much fun. After 2 races she came away with 2 FIRST place BLUE ribbons. The pictures that follow will tell it all. Anna Katherine can hardly wait for Memorial Day and the state meet which will be in Searcy at Harding.
Anna Katherine is so excited she can hardly stand herself!

AK getting ready for her race..it was kind of chilly.

She loves the Special Olympics...

Anna Katherine and Sarah Grace

Debbie and Anna Katherine

Choose joy today.....

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Hello All,
It is a cloudy, rainy day in Searcy and boy is Anna Katherine disappointed that Special Olympics were canceled for the day.....but they are re-scheduled for Monday. I will post some pictures of her on Monday or Tuesday so you can all see how she did. We want to be sure and qualify for the state meet which will be on Memorial Day weekend.

I'm working at Harps today (traded days so I can be off for prom next weekend), Jim is participating in a dog trail with Avery today, Franklin is playing in a 3 man scramble at the country club, Sarah Grace is about to go for a practice run on her prom hair do, and Carla and AK are taking a nap at the moment. Since she and AK got up early to find out about Special Olympics, they went to breakfast with Mrs. Kathy. They are going to scan some pictures for me this afternoon...we are making a DVD for Franklin for graduation..well actually, Aden is making us a DVD.

I've got a couple of pictures to post of the Scholar's Banquet from the other night.

Sarah Grace and Rebecca Simmons

Sarah Grace, Rebecca, Rachel, Elizabeth, Haley, and Austin

I'll have some Special Olympics pictures coming next week......

Choose joy today.....

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More pictures......

Don't have much going on today...Jim and I are working....Carla, Anna Katherine, and Sarah Grace are working at the concession stand for Key Club (The Rolling Razorbacks are in town) and Franklin is on the golf course getting ready for the tournament this weekend...soooo I thought I would post some more pictures of things that we have been up to lately.
Anna Katherine is one of the only ones I can get to pose for me so that I can practice my new photography skills...which you can see are still needing some work!

Senior Night at the last home basketball game. Franklin loved his RED sports coat...This picture is from the day when Missy, Miggy, Sarah Grace and I went prom dress shopping in the big town of Bay, Arkansas.

Choose joy today......

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

The end of the school year is always very, very busy...and especially this year since Franklin is graduating. Last night, we attended the Scholar's Banquet at school for Sarah Grace. She was honored for having all A s for this school year. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I got to the banquet last night and as usual my camera and I can't get along...I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera. So no pictures. I've got some friends who are going to email me some...so, hopefully I will have some to post tomorrow. AK is getting ready for Saturday and is so excited about her races. We are just praying that there will be no rain. I'm at Harps today working...Franklin just came by to get a piece of fabric for his date's dress and is on his way to check on ordering her corsage. He also just wanted to remind me that graduation is 3 weeks from Saturday. He loves to watch his mother suffer...lol.

I'm going to post some pictures from other things we have been up to...this may be the only scrapbook I end up with to look at in the years to come.
Jim and his first love "Avery" ...they were very upset they did not make the blog yesterday

Sarah Grace laughs at me, but this tree is one of my favorite parts of spring...
Junie B....the "Queen Bee" of our home..


Choose joy today.....

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Featherston Family Blog DEBUT!

Today is the debut of my new family blog. I am going to try and make frequent entries so I can keep a journal of what our family is up to...and pictures too of course...probably mostly pictures because I am not a very good writer and certainly not as funny as MOST of my friends. Jennisa over at Once Upon a Blog designed this blog for me and I am so excited..she did a great job.

We are getting ready at our house for SPECIAL OLYMPICS this Saturday. Anna Katherine will be doing the wheelchair races this Saturday in the regional events at Harding University...hopefully she will be qualifying for state, which will also be at Harding, on Memorial Day weekend. Franklin and Sarah Grace are getting ready for prom...it is Saturday, April 25th. I will be posting pictures of all of this, so I will have a nice photo journal for them to see as they get older. (I'm sure they will be blaming me for the hideous clothes I put them in or let them wear..lol) And, of course we are getting ready at the Featherston house for GRADUATION. As of today, Franklin has 8 days of school left and can hardly wait. I told him that he better enjoy these high school days...he is gonna look back and realize how easy he had it. We are having a big BBQ at our house on the 9th. My dad is going to be doing some ribs on the BIG grill and we have invited friends and family to come and help us celebrate! It is going to be lots of fun and I just pray for a beautiful day.

Here are a few pictures that we have taken lately: (I hope I can do this correctly:)

This is one of Franklin's graduation pictures that Kimber took..she did a GREAT job!

I love this picture of my girls!

You gotta love this picture of my CRAZY friends...here we are getting Rhonda all dressed in a toilet paper wedding dress. We were at our house for Courtney's lingerie shower.

Sarah Grace and Kelli at Courtney's wedding in February..we all had a wonderful time..it was just beautiful and Courtney looked amazing.

I have got to work on adding pictures...not to fast at that yet...lol. Hopefully, this blog will be full of great family times to come and be evidence of how BLESSED by God we are!

Choose JOY today...

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