Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Olympics....begins on Thursday night

Just wanted to let you all know that SPECIAL OLYMPICS begins tomorrow night with the opening ceremonies!! AK's highlight for the will be coming.

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Well, the BIG DAY finally one way it was a day I have been dreading since kindergarten and yet Jim and I are so very proud of Franklin. It was an awesome day and we want to thank our family and friends for making it some memorable for Franklin. Mom, Ace, Granny, Tom, and Margaret were able to go with us and make it special. It was an emotional time for us all...I'm trying to save my tears for August when my baby leaves :)

Mom and Dad waiting on the ceremony to start....
Sarah Grace, Mom and Dad..she will be our senior next year :(

Larry, Mom, and Miggy...hanging in there during the long wait!

Kelli and Sarah Grace...the "posers"

Tom, Granny, and Margaret...they were so sweet to make the long drive to support Franklin

The whole Franklin "watching" gang....

Camdon and Franklin...two handsome boys!

Dad, Franklin, and Mom

Franklin and his proud, proud MOMMA!!

Mom and Franklin again...

Migs and Frankalinni

Miggy and Franklin

Ace, Franklin, and GMaw

Granny and Franklin

Tom, Granny, Franklin, and Margaret

The Featherston BUNCH

We had to get Caca in the picture....

I will post some more tomorrow!!

Choose joy............

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation Day BBQ

The Lord blessed us with such a FANTASTIC day for Franklin's graduation party...the weather was wonderful after so many, many days of rain. Dad, Jason, and Mr. Jerome came to Searcy on Friday to spend the night so they would be ready bright and early on Saturday morning to get those ribs on the grill. We are forever grateful for all of the hard work they put in for Franklin and The Featherstons...we all had such a BLAST. This graduation time is sad for his Dad and I, but also shows us how FAITHFUL the Lord has been to us. Franklin and AK have come a long way from 2lbs and we are eternally grateful for our incredible children. They make us so proud and we LOVE them so very much. We also want to thank our family and friends for making the day so very memorable. Here are a few pictures....

Me, Franklin, and Granddaddy

Granddaddy, Franklin, and Jerome

Mike, Jason, and Granddaddy

The "Grilling" Arena...what a set up.

Sarah Grace and Jayme

Camdon, Trace, and JDough

Everyone lining up to fix their plates....

Keith and Susan

Me and my baby brother, Jason

Stu, JDough, Tucker, and Franklin

Kelli and Sarah Grace...they look so CUTE!

Carla and her nephew Conner

Nicole and Sarah Grace

Cam, Rhon, Corker, and Cay

Sweet Eme Claire and Sarah Grace

Choose joy.....

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Senior Banquet

Graduation and all the events leading up to it were just awesome.....Our family and friends have made it so special for Franklin and for Dad and Mom too. Sunday, April 26th, was the senior banquet that our church always hosts for the seniors. It was held at Eagleview and it was really nice. Tucker Brackins put together a video featuring each of the from birth to present...and each senior has someone speak on their behalf. We asked the Woodruff clan to speak for Franklin...Camdon was the main speaker, but Ole Rhon had to add in her two cents, they were so kind and such an encouragement to Franklin. We all ended up in tears. Mom and Larry got to come and be a part of the whole thing too. Here are a few pictures I managed to get...
This is kind of blurry, but all I have from Sunday morning

All the seniors from church on Sunday morning

Wow...what a group of cute kids!

All the guys and their dads

Franklin and The Woodruff clan.....

Franklin and Cam

The senior banquet was so special!!

Choose joy.....

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prom pictures continued....

Hello Everyone,
I haven't posted anything in a few days...boy, have we had a busy season around here. Senior Banquet at church, senior assembly, bbq for graduation, and graduation DAY!! I wanted to jump on here and post a few more prom pictures so I will have them in the years to come to look at and I will be on here hopefully tomorrow posting some graduation pictures.

Rhonda and Lisa trying to help Sarah Grace get her shoes on...I sure have wonderful friends!
Sarah Grace's shoes....

Sarah Grace, me and Franklin..two of my babies..

She looks just beautiful!
Franklin love to dress up and looks so handsome

Jen and Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace and Josh Rowden

We got "OLE JIMMY" to stand still for a

The girls all looked so gorgeous...

Caleigh and Sarah Grace

Katie and Franklin

John Davis, Franklin, and John Moore

These guys are all so handsome

Franklin's group..They went to 1620 to eat dinner...

Choose joy....

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