Monday, January 24, 2011

Rewind to Christmas and some pictures:)

I wanted to post some pictures here so I would have them to look at in the years to come. To say that I was so EXCITED to have my children home for the holidays is a great big understatement! We spent the weekend before Christmas at my brother Steven's house...just us Bius kids and Mom and Ace...then on Christmas Eve we spent it at our house (after I got off work) and then we were off to Marion again on Christmas Day to spend it at Dad's house. The day after Christmas we went over to Margaret and Tom's to have Christmas with Jim's family. We are so BLESSED and really LOVED spending time with our family over the holidays. Here are so photos to document our time together:)'

Sarah Grace and Payne

Anna Katherine

Opie and FranklinSarah Grace and "ME

Opie and her grandchildren
We had birthday cake for Jesus

Sarah Grace wore her Auburn shirt! What a great picture...

Choose joy....

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